CC Knowledge Base

CC project are important part of Toastmasters' journey. CC Projects help us not only learn the nitty gritties of script development but also learn powerful techniques to dazzle audience. The starting point for CC projects is Toastmaster Manual. Furthermore we can use google to land other interesting articles. At Medley, we decided to centralize the best of the articles,speech videos and sample script to avoid making new member feel inundated due to numerous materials present.
Project NameInitiation VideoCC Manual LinkSample ScriptsSample Videos
CC1 - The Ice BreakerMohan SpeaksSample CC1 Scripts
CC2 - Organize your speechArjun SpeaksSample CC2 ScriptsSample CC2 Speech
CC3 - Get to the pointSunil SpeaksSample CC3 Scripts
CC4 - How to say itSample CC4 Scripts
CC5 - Your body speaksAravind SpeaksSample CC5 ScriptsSample Speech 1
Sample Speech 2
CC6 - Vocal VarietyTushar SpeaksSample CC6 Scripts
CC7 - Research your topicSample CC7 Scripts
CC8 - Get comfortable with visual aidPriyanka SpeaksSample CC8 Scripts
CC9 - Persuade with powerSarathy SpeaksSample CC9 Scripts
CC10 - Inspire your audienceSample CC10 ScriptsSample CC10 Video